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Which Supplemental Braking System is Right for Me?

Which system is right for me - InvisiBrake, BrakeMaster, Even Brake, or the 9700?

Progressive Braking System?

InvisiBrake braking systemThe Roadmaster InvisiBrake is recommended if you like convenience above all else and plan on keeping your towed vehicle for the foreseeable future. InvisiBrake is not a portable system, but the major components can be easily removed and installed in a new towed vehicle. InvisiBrake is the only Roadmaster system that works with or without 'active' brakes right out of the box. Initial installation time is approximately three to five hours.

Direct Braking System?

BrakeMaster braking systemsRoadmaster's BrakeMaster Braking Systems are recommended if you don't frequently change motorhomes or towed vehicles. Because it connects directly to the motorhome's braking system, the initial installation is longer than a portable system. But once installed, it's a truly trouble-free and easy-to-use braking system.

The BrakeMaster is available in these configurations: BrakeMaster #9100 for Air or Air Over Hydraulic Brakes, BrakeMaster #9160 with BrakeAway kit (#8600) for Air or Air Over Hydraulic Brakes and BrakeMaster #9060 with BrakeAway kit (#8600) for Hydraulic Brakes.

Portable Braking System?

Roadmaster portable braking systemsRoadmaster's Even Brake or the Roadmaster 9700 are recommended if you change motorhomes often, or want to switch between towed vehicles. Even Brake is a sophisticated system with proportional braking (automatically increasing or decreasing braking pressure in direct proportion to the motorhome); the 9700 is a basic system which applies a pre-set braking pressure. Both Even Brake and the 9700 are portable systems, with no installed components in the motorhome except for a dashboard monitor. Initial installation time is approximately one hour, depending on the vehicle.

Roadmaster Supplemental Braking Systems

  • Will bring your towed vehicle into compliance with U.S. and Canadian requirements.
  • Work in virtually any vehicle with power brakes.
  • Work in virtually any motorhome.
  • Greatly decrease your stopping distance, helping you avoid the danger and hassle of accidents.