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BrakeMaster Seat Adaptor

Seat Adaptors provide a vehicle-specific mounting location to pin the BrakeMaster supplemental braking system. Seat adaptors are required in some vehicles, and simplify the installation of the BrakeMaster system in others. Use the search below to select your towed vehicle. On the product page it will show you if an adaptor is required for your vehicle.

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Roadmaster Seat Adaptors for Brake Master Supplemental Braking Systems

Roadmaster Brakemaster mount Roadmaster Brakemaster Seat Adaptor Roadmaster Brakemaster Seat Adaptor Roadmaster Brakemaster Seat Adaptor
Roadmaster's Brake Master supplemental braking system can secure to the floor in some vehicles. In other vehicles it needs to attach to a vehicle specific seat adaptor that mounts under the driver seat. The custom fit seat adaptor is shaped and has mounting holes and hardware specific to your towed vehicle. The seat adaptor attaches with seat track bolts and pipe spacers that come with the seat adaptor kit. Once the seat adaptor is mounted to the seat it doesn't need to be removed while not in use. It tucks nicely and out of the way when seat is in driving position. When you are ready to tow your vehicle the seat adaptor lets the Brake Master connect and disconnect from the towed vehicle in under a minute, without any tools, adjustments or settings.