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Falcon 2 Tow Bar - Fits Blue Ox baseplates

Roadmaster Part #: 525

List Price: $732.00
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Product Info

Roadmaster's Autowlok system

Autowlok System Stainless steel arms and Autowlok System for smoother and easier hookups and disconnects.

Roadmaster's patented Storage Latch

Patented Storage Latch makes storing the Falcon All-Terrain tow bar a snap!

Roadmaster's one-person disconnect

Quick-Disconnects™ Allows "one-person" fast and easy mounting or removal of your Falcon All-Terrain tow bar.

Falcon 2 Tow Bar

The Falcon 2 tow bar by Roadmaster is time-tested, proven and reliable! It has a 6,000 pound weight capacity and is motorhome-mounted. Motorhome-mounted tow bars are attached to the motorhome, and can be stored on the back of the motorhome or removed when not in use. All Roadmaster motorhome-mounted tow bars are collapsible.

This Falcon 2 Tow Bar is made specifically to connect to Blue Ox® brand base plates.

  • Tow bar allows you to safely and effectively tow your vehicle behind your RV.
  • The use of stainless steel in virtually every moving component allows for smooth, trouble-free operation, and prevents corrosion that binds.
  • Autowlok locking mechanism allows both tow bar arms to extend or retract for a quick connection. Then, as you drive away, the arms self-center and automatically lock.
  • Storage Latch automatically locks the tow bar in place when it is folded toward your motor home, providing effortless and secure storage.
  • Quick-disconnect system lets you quickly and easily mount and remove tow bar on your own.
  • Full-length steel crossbar, reinforced for maximum support and safety
  • A lustrous, high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • Computer-tested. Roadmaster uses computerized testing on every new tow bar design. Roadmaster is the only towing products manufacturer to use computerized testing - as well as "real world" physical testing - to ensure structural integrity, longevity, and the safety of your family.

The Falcon 2 tow bar comes in two varieties:

  • Falcon 2 (part # 520) is made to attach to Roadmaster brand mounting brackets (baseplates).
  • Falcon 2 (part # 525) is made to attach to Blue Ox baseplates (brackets).

Additional Information

SKU 525
Installation Instructions View or download installation instructions for #525 (pdf)
Capacity 6,000 lb.
Shank Size 2-inch
Mount Type Motorhome Mounted
Suggested Retail Price $732.00

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